Saluting Jose Hernandez

Happy EMS Week to all our wonderful EMS Partners. Working with the best!

Today we are saluting Jose Hernandez, HALO-Flight Pilot.

Jose is a 21 year-plus veteran of the Army where he earned his Airline Transport Pilots License while on active-duty. He recalls fondly the four years spent in Alaska flying MedEvac Blackhawk aircraft.

Following retirement from military service, Jose spend 10 years with AirEvac Lifeteam before joining the HALO-Flight Team last year.

“My fondest memory in EMS service,” Jose reminisced, “was the day, a few weeks after an accident we were called to when the patient and her father came by the base to thank us. She was a 26 year-old elementary school teacher who had rear-ended an 18 wheeler flatbed trailer at highway speeds. She was entrapped so I ended up shutting down on the highway while she was extricated. We flew her to the trauma center in Austin, and she made an amazing recovery. The same crew that was on duty that day on there the day she and her father came by the base.”

Thanks Jose for all you do to improve care for our patients and South Texans. WE SALUTE YOU!