HALO-Flight Facts - A non-profit helicopter emergency medical service for south Texas.

HALO-Flight’s services are only used at the request of emergency medical services providers or physicians.

We have transported Driscoll Children’s Hospital patients for over 25 years.

Almost 50% of our missions are responding to emergency scenes.

One-third  of HALO-Flight’s missions are from rural, community hospitals to definitive care facilities in Corpus Christi, San Antonio or Houston, TX.

Roughly 50% of HALO-Flight’s missions are flights where an ambulance is met with a critically ill or injured person that may be as far as 45 minutes from a hospital.

Since our establishment in 1987, more thousands of patients have been safely transported by ground or air.

Other transports include people in need of a variety of critical care such as: cardiac, respiratory, neurological, surgical, burn, environmental, and high risk obstetrics care.