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Education & Training

HALO-Flight is just one link in the chain of survival for critically ill and injured patients. Other links include first responders, paramedics, dispatchers and emergency room nurses and physicians. Every one of these links needs to be strong in order for the patient to survive.

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Advanced education for current HALO-Flight employees

Advanced education and frequent training maintain a strong internal chain of survival for patients. In addition to attending annual training and education competencies for themselves, our Flight Crew provides critical care training to emergency medical professionals across South Texas.

Continuing Education Hours

Continuing Education (CE) is required by the State of Texas so EMS providers remain proficient and current both on their skills and education. HALO-Flight crew members traditionally have five times the amount of annual CE requirements.


These scholarships are awarded to Emergency Medical Responders, Emergency Medical Technicians, and advanced EMTs.
HALO-Flight EMS Academy provides professional initial EMS education to meet the training needs of the rural Emergency Medical Service providers where the need exists.

All of South Texas residents and visitors depend on HALO-Flight, which serves patients regardless of ability to pay. As a non-profit we depend on you and other supporters to make sure we are there when needed.

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All donations are tax deductible and help support HALO-Flight, Inc. mission of providing access to critical care transport, wherever and whenever you need it.