This past Saturday, HALO-Flight’s EMS Academy students received live training in vehicle extrication as a part of their Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course.

The students were eager to apply what they learned in the classroom to actual real world scenarios.

Local first responders help stress the importance of scene safety.


Alice Fire & Rescue was on location to demonstrate the use and effectiveness of extrication tools to assist in removing patients from wrecked vehicles. The Fire Department explained the importance of scene safety and communication between Rescue, EMS and the patients.

EMT students practiced their trauma assessment skills, proper removal with spinal precautions and immobilization of mock patients from crashed vehicles. At the end of the exercise they were able to complete the “packaging” of the patients and ready them for transport by placing the immobilized patients onto stretchers and into an awaiting EMS unit.

Thank you to Wilkinson Iron & Metal in Alice, Texas and all the entities involved in helping make this exercise successful for our future EMT responders.

Students learned the importance of communication and teamwork to strategically remove patients safely from wrecked vehicles.

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