HALO-Flight saved my son’s life.

My son Dylan was in a severe car crash in Rockport, TX. Dylan was riding with his grandmother when they were making a left turn on Hwy. 35 and were broadsided by a one ton truck. The truck struck the passenger side door, which was where my 7 year old son was sitting.

My son suffered a severe compressed skull fracture from the accident and it was doubtful if he would live. His blood pressure had dropped dramatically and he was in extremely critical condition. His grandmother also suffered injuries, but not as severe as my son. Her injuries were not life threatening.

The fire department worked for over an hour to cut my son out of the car and when they got him out, the Halo crew went to work. Their expert care and quick response saved my son’s life. They transported him to Driscoll Children’s Hospital in Corpus Christi, TX. There Dylan underwent emergency brain surgery with a great neuro-surgeon, Dr. Michael Burke.

I wanted all of you to know that Dylan has made a 100% recovery! Dylan has undergone extensive physical therapy but he was still able to start school on time and he made The A-B honor roll his first six weeks back. This is a miracle story! We are going to have a wonderful Christmas and it is all because of HALO. They are the reason my son survived. I also have to mention Jesus Christ. I think he was guiding the team as they saved my son’s life. We have always been Christians but now I would say that we are true believers because we have seen one of his many miracles happen in our very own lives. You people are the true heroes of the world and I will never be able to thank you enough.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
Bill and Jennifer (written by Dylan’s Dad)