Jesse Jakob Estala

Jesse Jakob Estala is an active, strong, incredibly intelligent 9-year old boy from San Antonio, Texas. He loves the outdoors, his Nintendo DS, and most of all, DINOSAURS! He enjoys BMX racing, swimming, fishing, and spending time with his many friends. Jakob is in the third grade at Thornton Elementary and loves math!!!

Jakob was critically injured when his head was run over by a boat trailer on March 22, 2009 at ICW RV Park in Aransas Pass. God sent, in addition to the two men that assisted Jakob immediately after the incident occurred, HALO Flight Nurse, Angelica “Jellie” Requenez and HALO Flight Paramedic Walter Gibson to the scene so that Jakob’s life could be saved that day.

Both Walter and Angelica worked together as a team in a way that I have never seen before. Angelica was there for me as a mother, in addition to fulfilling her role as a flight nurse. She and Walter were working on Jakob without the need to speak a word to each other. Their phenomenal expertise and practice in working in the most critical of situations, those regarding life and death, was surreal. As a mother in this situation, I was forced to rely first on God, then on these two humans. Words cannot describe what thoughts and emotions were running through my head at that time; however, as I watched Angelica and Walter use each and every second to ensure Jakob arrived at Driscoll Children’s Hospital alive gave me comfort and peace.

Once at Driscoll, Angelica did not leave my side until my son went into surgery. God also placed Pediatric Neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Burke on call to provide emergency surgery to address Jakob’s Brain Injury.

Walter and Angelica, I am convinced, are angels sent from God. The ability to provide pediatric critical care support is a true gift and I thank God each and every day for allowing the HALO Flight Team the ability to be there on March 22nd, the day that has changed our lives forever.

God has also continued to bless us by providing Jakob with Pediatric Neurologist, Dr. Carol Deline to follow his care throughout his recovery process. Another angel sent from above!

Jakob has a long road of recovery ahead of him, and has continued to improve each and every day. A HALO cap with a HALO pendant, in addition to Rosaries, is placed above his bed. As you can see from reading our testimonial – these items are there for a reason. The Halo team was and will forever remain our true Angel in disguise. — Monica Beakley