Richard Gonzalez

Victoria Gonzalez: My Dad was in a horrible accident one morning. Somehow lost control and his work van flipped, I want to say they said 5-6 times. He did have his seatbelt on but somehow the seat beat came undone and he was thrown many feet from the van. I remember meeting the dad and son who pulled over to help my dad (cover him in blankets) until the ambulance got there. He died in the man’s arms but my dad wasn’t done fighting. The crew from HALO-Flight brought him back to life multiple times!
He was in coma for a very long time. The doctors needed to do surgery because he had broken most of his back but they couldn’t keep his blood pressure stable enough. The doctors told us he wouldn’t make it through surgery; he was bleeding internally, he couldn’t see when he opened his eyes, and his mouth was wired shut. My whole family thought we were going to lose him a couple days before Thanksgiving but NOPE! He fought every single day- he learned to talk again, he learned to write again with the use of a white board, he learned to walk again, and when you look at him now, you would NEVER think this happened to him!

Richard Gonzalez: All I can say is that I truly believe in my heart that without HALO-Flight I would not be breathing today. From my time in a coma to the long hard road to recovery, I know I must have a guardian angel watching over me. To see my kids laugh and play every day would not have happened without the first responders, so to Kingsville EMS and to your staff of nurses, paramedics and of course the pilots, I give an overwhelming THANK YOU and GOD BLESS You! Make life count every day!