Angelica “Jellie” Requenez, RN, CCRN, CEN, CCEMT-P, LP
Director of Education

On August 15th, I was privileged to deliver a speech to the Coast Bend College Nursing Graduates. I arrived to find a room full of proud friends, families, and an ocean of nursing graduates dressed in the traditional nursing uniform. I have attended many nursing graduations throughout my career and this is one that will stay in my heart for many years to come. The reason for this is not because I was the key note speaker, but because of the overwhelming sense of love and pride that permeated the atmosphere.Coastal Bend College is a college that services many rural communities. It is because of this type of establishment that many people are able to further their education and realize their dreams of obtaining a college degree while staying close to home.  The audience shared one common theme. PRIDE!
The graduation commenced as one of the nursing instructors delivered a very warm welcome and congratulatory speech followed by a tear spilling prayer. After acknowledgements were made, I delivered my speech.
I wish I could say that I prepared my speech far in advanced, but I didn’t. Several days before the graduation, I tried to write the speech but was never satisfied with the final product. The morning of the graduation, I thought long and hard about what message I wanted to deliver. The theme that came to my mind was inspiration, so I poured out my heart.
While I was delivering my speech, I saw many graduates, instructors and audience members with tears streaming down their cheeks. It was in that moment that I realized my speech contained a powerful and inspiring message.
I will forever be grateful to Melanie Reeves for selecting me to be a part of this celebration. This experience moved me more than words can ever express. I was an outsider looking in and truly appreciated the love that radiated between the graduates and their teachers.
Truly an amazing experience for me!

Coastal Bend College- Alice LVN Graduates