First Helicopter Experience! - A non-profit helicopter emergency medical service for south Texas.


As a recent addition to the HALO-Flight team as Marketing Director, my field experience is still in the works…  However, earlier today marked my first experience as a passenger in one of our helicopters.

It all started with a safety brief detailing the rules and expectations for riding along. I was told that it was not out of the ordinary to get sick the first few times- thank goodness I didn’t though- and that either way, it was going to be a good time. As we lifted off, I was nervous but our pilot and the two crew members were so supportive and knowledgeable about the aircraft, that it quickly soothed any worries away. I was able to relax and joyfully take in every moment of the ride to NAS Kingsville and back.

HALO-Flight, Inc. participated in a drill earlier this morning with NAS Kingsville, which went very smoothly. We were appreciative and delighted to have been able to partner with them in this endeavor. 


The Alice Chapter American Petroleum Institute (API) hosted their Annual Golf Tournament back in July and they provided HALO-Flight an opportunity to raise money by having a “Tiger Drive”. Many teams came out and participated in the tournament. We were able to receive a $2,000 check donation because of their efforts! We thank Alice-API for their continued support of our organization.

The Alice Chapter of API is a service-oriented organization comprised of individuals in and around oilfield related businesses. The main goal of their chapter is to raise funds for college scholarships, which they do by hosting several events throughout the year. With each event, they add to their funds and in turn are able to offer a great number of scholarships to up and coming, college bound students. They award yearly scholarships of $1,000.00 to students who show evidence they are serious about their education.