Guardian Plan - A non-profit helicopter emergency medical service for south Texas.

HALO-Flight, Inc. offers a Guardian Subscription Membership Plan that helps make an unexpected tragedy less painful on your pocket. Cost for an average emergency helicopter transport can exceed $20,000. The Membership advantage is debt forgiveness once all insurance options have been exhausted. Enrolled Guardian Subscription Plan Members are not charged out-of-pocket expenses for HALO-Flight, Inc. transports deemed medically necessary. As a HALO-Flight Guardian Plan Member, if you or your enrolled dependents require our service, we will bill your insurances (if any) and accept that as payment in full. FMI:

Guardian Ranch and Business Plans Available only by contacting the Membership Department at 361.265.0509.
Ranch and Business Plans are not available on this website.

HALO-Flight saved my life
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  • Your Membership Agreement applies only to HALO-Flight, Inc. or our reciprocal partner Dallas CareFlite. *
  • Covers all family members who live in the same household and are listed on the application. (Includes dependent children, custodial and non-custodial children).
  • Guardian Plan Membership Cards for the primary member listed on the application along with 2 vehicle decals identifying you as a member.
  • Medicaid recipients are not eligible to join HALO-Flight’s Guardian Subscription Plan due to state regulations. We will, however, still transport these patients.
  • Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card.
  • New Membership is effective 14 Days after receipt and verification of payment. There is no waiting period for renewing members.
Medically Necessary: HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan benefits are restricted to medically necessary services defined as a specific need for emergent helicopter air ambulance transport within our service area. The specific need must meet the Regional Advisory Council Bypass Protocol or diagnosis from a physician that determines an alternative form of transportation would be medically inappropriate regarding the patient condition. It is NOT for the convenience of a Provider, Physician, or Patient. HALO-Flight has the right to deny any request that is inappropriate based upon medical necessity or suspected memberships abuse. If abuse is found to exist, HALO-Flight reserves the right to terminate membership.

*In the event that any member of the HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan requires service from our reciprocal partner, they will be subject to their terms of the agreement. San Antonio AirLIFE dropped reciprocal affiliation in October 2015.