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HALO-Flight provides a Guardian Subscription Membership Plan that helps make an unexpected tragedy less painful on your pocket. Cost for an average emergency helicopter transport can exceed $25,000. Plans are available for Individual Families, Businesses for their employees and their families, as well as Ranch Plans with the establishment of a landing zone area on the ranch property.

Individual/Household Plans are offered 3 ways:

1 year, 3 years or 5 years.

The Membership Plan covers all individuals that live within the household on a permanent basis; includes non-custodial children and dependents at college.

The Membership advantage is debt forgiveness/discount once all insurance options have been exhausted.

  • Enrolled Guardian Subscription Plan Members with medical and/or automobile insurance coverage are are forgiven the out-of-pocket expenses for HALO-Flight, Inc. transports deemed medically necessary; insurance payments are accepted as full payment.
  • Enrolled Guardian Subscription Plan Members who do not have medical and/or automobile insurance coverage will receive a 50% discount on their HALO-Flight transport bill.

Ranch and Business Plans are not available for enrollment/purchase on this website.

Please contact HALO-Flight’s Membership Department at 361.265.0509, to inquire about enrollment eligibility.

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As a HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan Member, if you or your enrolled dependents require our service, we will bill your insurances (if any). As a condition of receiving this benefit, I hereby assign (hand over) to HALO‐Flight all rights and benefits that I, or the other family members of my residence have, under any and all medical, health, supplemental, worker’s compensation, liability, auto or homeowner’s insurance policies or plans, or from other third party payers or sources which provide coverage or would otherwise pay for air ambulance services. Such payment sources are collectively referred to in this agreement as ‘insurance.’

By enrolling in this Membership Subscription Plan, which is not an insurance product, you authorize payment of all insurance benefits or payments to HALO‐Flight relative to the incident for which we provided air medical service. I understand that HALO‐Flight will, whenever it deems it feasible, file claims for and directly collect the benefits payable from insurance, up to the amount of HALO‐Flight’s charges for its services. When requested by HALO‐Flight, I agree to complete any forms and take any other reasonable action that may be necessary to collect such amounts. If I or anyone on my behalf receives any insurance or other third party payments for services provided by HALO‐Flight, I will promptly forward those payments to HALO‐Flight at 1843 FM 665, Corpus Christi, TX 78415.

  • Your Membership Agreement applies only to HALO-Flight, Inc. or our reciprocal partner Dallas CareFlite. *
  • Covers dependent family members who live in the same household and are listed on the application. (Includes dependent children, custodial and non-custodial children).
  • Guardian Plan Membership Cards for the primary member listed on the application along with 2 vehicle decals identifying you as a Member.
  • Medicaid recipients are not eligible to pay for a  HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan due to state regulations; however, we transport these patients based on need and being called into service by First Responders or Physicians.
  • Payments can be made by cash, check, money order, or credit card.
  • New Membership is effective 14 days after receipt and verification of payment. There is no waiting period for renewing Members.

Medically Necessary: HALO-Flight Guardian Membership Subscription Plan benefits are restricted to medically necessary services defined as a specific need for emergent helicopter air ambulance transport within our service area or to the closest, most appropriate trauma or medical center. The specific need must meet the Coastal Bend Regional Advisory Council Bypass Protocol or diagnosis from a physician that determines an alternative form of transportation (other than air medical) would be medically inappropriate regarding the patients condition. It is not for the convenience of a Provider, Physician, or Patient. HALO-Flight has the right to deny any request that is inappropriate based upon medical necessity or suspected Membership abuse. If abuse is found to exist, HALO-Flight reserves the right to terminate Membership.

*In the event that any Member of the HALO-Flight Guardian Subscription Plan requires service from our reciprocal partner, they will be subject to their terms of the agreement. San Antonio AirLIFE dropped reciprocal affiliation with HALO-Flight in October 2015.

Frequently Asked Guardian Membership Questions

How much does the membership cost? These fees are per household.

1 year is $35                                         3 years is $95                             5 years is $150

What is the benefit of having the Guardian Membership Plan?

Debt Forgiveness for HALO-Flight Patient Bills (once we have been notified), as well as with our reciprocal partner, Dallas CareFlite

  1. Guardian Plan Member WITH insurance = NO out of pocket expense;
  2. Guardian Plan Member WITHOUT insurance = 50% discount.

Eligibility for all family members who are permanent residents of the same household and are listed on the application (Include dependent children, custodial, and non-custodial children).

To ensure appropriate utilization of the membership, HALO-Flight’s Membership Department must be notified of a member transport. Once HALO-Flight is notified that the patient is a Guardian Plan Member, HALO-Flight will advocate for the member with the billing company. Coverage anywhere in our service area or with our reciprocal partner, Dallas CareFlite (to see CareFlite’s membership terms please visit their website,

Who is included in my Membership Plan?

  • Any family member that lives in your home, as a permanent resident, you will list them upon enrollment. (includes custodial, non-custodial, dependent children, dependent adults, and significant others)

What if I have family visit me from out of town and they are staying with me, are they covered by my membership plan?

  • They are not classified as permanent residents of the household, and would need their own plan. They can visit our website,, to enroll. Memberships can also be gifted to family and friends.

I need a new membership card or window decal, how do I get it?

  • Give us a call at the office, we are happy to mail you new ones.

-However, we will never ask for you to present your membership card                   or vehicle decal to prove membership. The card has our company                         contact information on it for your convenience and the vehicle decal                     shows that you support our Guardian Plan.

If I need to be transported, how do you know that I am a member?

  • HALO-Flight transports based on medical necessity, not Membership status. Membership advantage is debt forgiveness. After a transport occurs we ask that you, or a family member notify our Membership Department of the transport. This is to ensure appropriate utilization of your Membership. We will notify our billing company that you are a Member and accept payment from the insurance company as payment in full.  We ask that you remain open to contact from our office and our billing agent until we have exhausted all insurance options. Bills may come to you during this process.

How is HALO-Flight launched to transport a patient?

  • First Responders: Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, EMTs, etc. will call the closest Air Ambulance company to transport by air when the patient’s illness or injury requires air transport.
  • Doctors: when a patient is already at the hospital and needs to be moved to a hospital with a higher level of care, then the doctor will put in the request for either ground or air transport based on the patient’s illness or injury and what care needs to be provided.

How can I enroll?

  • Obtain membership application (you can call us and request for us to mail or email it to you) and mail it back completed to our address.
  • Visit our website, and enroll.

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