Hope is in the air

AAMS Air Medical Safety Summit - A non-profit helicopter emergency medical service for south Texas.

Sep 12, 2013

Recently, AAMS hosted a 2-day Air Medical Safety Summit in Washington, DC. Among the participants invited to attend this conference, HALO-Flight’s Executive Director, Tom Klassen, was chosen as a representative of small businesses within the air medical industry. 

Throughout the 2-day conference, attendees with a wide-range of backgrounds within the industry were able to engage and discuss various safety issues that have surfaced within the air medical transport field. Certain topics that were discussed in-depth included tools to enhance overall professionalism, data collection to gain an accurate picture with negative and positive standpoints, and coordinated communications between each entity involved including FAA, manufacturers, etc. Other topics consisted of exploring new technologies, along with the creation and implementation of low-altitude infrastructure safety standards. This conference served as a great platform for sharing different perspectives on challenges that are faced within the industry as a whole, and measurable goals were able to be made to ensure the improvement of overall safety within the air medical community.