HALO-Flight, Inc. and Del Mar College have created a unique partnership through an internship program that was created nearly two years ago, in mid-2012. Throughout this time, we have honed in and crafted the program to best help everyone involved.

It began with a conversation between HALO-Flight’s Director of Maintenance and the Director of Aviation Maintenance at Del Mar College. They determined that this was a great partnership and HALO-Flight felt that our participation in this endeavor was a great way to involve the community and to further student’s understanding and excitement for this field. This is a six month paid internship, which provides an opportunity to the intern for valuable field experience within the aviation industry.

“The knowledge and hands-on experience that the interns gain is invaluable and is a great way to keep HALO-Flight connected to such a great community.” Said Vince Vincent, HALO-Flight’s Director of Maintenance. “This internship program provides us with an additional, qualified, technician, as well as allowing the students going through DMC’s program actual experience to bring when entering the workforce after graduation.”