Non-Profit Air Ambulance

Service Area

HALO-Flight's service area covers 26 counties, 28,000 square miles and a population of more than one million. Answering calls from First Responders around the clock for automobile accidents, snake bites or ATV injuries is only part of the Mission of HALO-Flight. Physician-to-physician transfers - from one hospital to another - are a significant part of the service provided to South Texans every day since 1987.
Protect yourself and your family with the HALO-Flight Guardian Plan to help make an unexpected tragedy less painful on your pocket. Cost for an average emergency helicopter transport can exceed $25,000.

With bases in Corpus Christi, Alice, and Beeville, Texas, and in conjunction with regional hospitals, EMS, & law enforcement agencies, HALO-Flight was established to provide the quickest response time and highest quality of care to the critically ill and injured while enroute to regional hospitals as well as patient transfers to facilities outside the region such as San Antonio, Houston and Austin.

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