HALO-Flight saved my life. We have belonged to HALO-Flight for a number of years as family subscribers and as a subscriber for business associated here in Live Oak County.

We have continued our subscription as a way to support this amazing medical service, in spite of family growing up and moving on to other communities. Your reciprocal arrangements with other providers in their areas make our continued support all the more desirable.
You never know when you will be the person in need. On Feb. 12, 2013, I found myself to be that person in need. I blacked out with extremely low blood pressure lying in the CHRISTUS Spohn Beeville ER. I had lost a lot of blood due to a liver bleed. Beeville could do no more and transport had to happen and happen then.
Your team was excellent. In spite of my dire circumstance, I was aware of their professionalism and the attention to detail that they exhibited while respecting me as patient and an airborne passenger.
I have always spoken about your services and the need for our communities to support this worthy service. Now I can truly speak from firsthand experience as to what a blessing it is to have you available to our community and our counties here in South Texas.
Constance B. Iley
Mrs. Iley’s letter truly touched our hearts with her kind testimonial.  We are grateful to provide emergency service to our South Texas Community. Thank you for your continued support.