We are pleased to announce that we signed an agreement today with Softtech, LLC, producer of Flight Vector™ software, which is a custom created data management system designed to fulfill the needs of the modern-age flight communication center.Flight Vector will allow our communication coordinators to locate a scene by simply performing a search with Google™ and, with one click of the mouse, coordinates and scene descriptions will be added to the software.

“For years we have shoehorned our aviation asset management into a ground based CAD system. With Flight Vector we will have increased performance and capability through a more efficient user interface and data flow through to our billing company,” said Tom Klassen, Executive Director- HALO-Flight.

HALO-Flight’s biggest motivation for choosing Flight Vector is the increased safety of their mapping and tracking features.

We are committed to the safety of our patients and our crews!

(L to R) Tom Klassen, Dan Saltarelli, Rickey McLester, Randy Endsley, Angelica Requenez, Christal Tressider and Scot Cromer- President of Softech LLC, on October 22, 2012 at ATMC in Seattle.