Last week, one of our flight crews was able to meet a former patient- Kevin Scully. He presented both medical crew members with a plaque for his gratitude and support of HALO-Flight (as pictured above). He also submitted his story below:
On the morning of July 26, 2014 I was in Falfurias, Tx. and I am an Auctioneer. I was in the middle of conducting a live auction for the Brooks Co. Constables and weather was hot, and I was on a roll like I always was. After selling near 30 vehicles, I was noticing I was breathing more heavier than normal, and felt as if my chest was starting to collapse I finally got to a point where I could not go on any further. I was calling for my team members to come to my aid. At the given time, I didn’t know if heat stroke was taking me down or if 100 plus degree”s was getting to me. I was escorted inside to the Constables office to catch some relief and lay down for a moment. Thank you to the Brooks County Constable who called for the ambulance seeing I wasn’t right. The ambulance driver came in with no haste and took one look at me and called out to their dispatch “GET HALO FLIGHT IN ROUTE”. I was lying on the floor half out of it, putting my hands into a fantastic Ambulance crew. I have heard through stories that I was starting to flat line. That is when Halo Flight arrived or should I say my angles up above was landing. Being completely out of it (lifeless) my life was in there hands. I say my life because several times during the flight I layed lifeless. That is when I finally got to speak to one of the Halo angles ( I felt a pound on my chest like I have never have experienced before and I do remember saying “DUDE WARN ME BEFORE YOU DO THAT”, and in response, I heard my Halo angle say ” Mr. Scully you’re are having a major heart attack”. That is all I remember about the flight or having any conversation with the medical personnel. With HALO-Flight’s professional personnel I live to tell this story. I will never forget this moment or the personnel with Halo Flight. They saved my life, along with quick thinking of a great Ambulance Tech. How to ever say thank you to a great team, and such a professional organization.

To conclude, working out in the country, in the middle of nowhere and a no hospital near 85-100 miles away, HALO-Flight saved my life and I am sure they have saved many lives. Again , from myself and my wife and family we all say THANK YOU to all, personnel with HALO-Flight for giving me another chance to call another Auction. YOU SAVED MY LIFE.

Kevin C. Scully Apple Auctioneering co. Houston, Tx.