Every helicopter emergency medical service has a basic amount of training required by the FAA to operate. In addition to that training, HALO-Flight goes beyond federal regulations and provides Bell Factory Training for our pilots and mechanics.

Bell offers our employees the finest training available!

For the next two weeks, our eleven pilots will be receiving their annual education from the Bell Training Academy (BTA) at our base in Corpus Christi.


Travis Wallace (Pilot) & Rick Forns (BTA Instructor)

Bell Training Academy

The Bell Training Academy’s mission is to provide customers with innovative, world-class training solutions that enhance their ability to safely and efficiently perform their missions.

“Since 1946 the Bell Training Academy (BTA) has been committed to providing industry leading training programs that create better, safer flight operations. The BTA staff takes pride in delivering the finest helicopter training in the world with highly skilled professional pilot and technical instructors. We continue to work hard at developing innovative programs that will take our customer’s pilot and technical skills to a whole new level.

For the pilot, the Bell Helicopter Training Academy offers a complete line of training for Bell aircraft. We are an approved flight school, certified by the FAA. The primary objectives of our flight training are: To stress knowledge of and skillful performance of normal and emergency flight procedures. To develop the sound judgment and discipline necessary during flight maneuvers. A full-time maintenance staff ensures that the helicopters utilized in training are maintained to the highest standards.”

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