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How much does the Guardian Membership cost?

What is the benefit of the Guardian Membership?

Debt forgiveness for HALO-Flight Patient Bills (once we have been notified), as well as with our reciprocal partner, Dallas CareFlite. To learn more about CareFlite’s membership terms, visit:

To ensure your Guardian Membership is applied to the bill, please contact: Once a patient is identified as a Guardian Member, HALO-Flight will advocate for the member with the billing company.

I’m covered by Medicaid. Am I eligible to join?

Who is included in my Membership Plan?

If I have family visit me from out of town and they are staying with me, are they covered by my Guardian Membership?

I need a new membership card or window decal, how do I get it?

If I need to be transported, how do you know that I am a member?

How is HALO-Flight launched to transport a patient?

I was a HALO-Flight patient with a Guardian Membership, but still received a bill. How can I apply my Membership to the bill?


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Guardian Subscription Plan

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Guardian Subscription Plan


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