Jose Guevara (left) and James Diaz (right), emergency medical technician students at the HALO-Flight EMS Training Academy , Coastal Bend College, lift fellow student Jonathan Canales and load him in to the back of an ambulance while Wendy Greer teaches them how to use a stretcher.

HALO-Flight EMS Training Academy provides vital first responder education.
Classes will be limited to 25 students. For registration details contact Debbie Cadena at or 361.664.3039. Questions on the course should be director to Wendy Greer at
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We always appreciate when we hear back from community members. Please take a moment to read a testimonial we received from a former EMS Training Academy student:
Attending the HALO Flight EMT-Basic course was a personal choice I knew would require me to commit most of my off time to, but I also understood that the training could possible come in handy one day on or off duty as a U.S. Border Patrol Agent. Taking the EMT course was really nothing I ever considered doing or really had any interest in doing.
Prior to the HALO Flight EMT-Basic course I had very minimal training in urgent care. My experience consisted of combat buddy aid (tourniquet application, basic first aid, very basic treatment for shock and bleeding) from military service and similar training to include infant/toddler CPR from the U.S. Border Patrol Academy.
Since completing the EMT-Basic course, I have responded to multiple rollover accidents in which the skills I learned in the course were extremely useful. Although the course is “basic”, the skills you will learn in the course will build your confidence in responding to urgent situations (one of the top reasons most of the public do not act is because they are afraid or are untrained, you shouldn’t have that problem after completing the course, if you do then you need to reevaluate your career choice).
Making a small personal sacrifice to attend this course, while still working a full time profession was absolutely worth it (50+hours a week for work and 13-14 classroom time with EMT course, in other words you most likely have no excuse, either you want the training or you do not). Since completing the course, I have responded to vehicle accidents where I was able to assist/lead and walk other Agents with little to no experience, through the process of extricating, packaging and bandaging a burn victim to prepare them for EMS transport by ground and air. Since taking the course I’ve received IV therapy and advanced airway treatment, and in my profession as a Border Patrol agent these skills are a must have. After completing the course, you’ll have the opportunity to do many other things, and continue onto to Intermediate and Paramedic.
In closing, the instruction you will receive from the HALO Flight professor (Wendy) and the staff is unmatched, recognized and well respected by local EMS services (you’ll see when you’re asked where you attended the course and who taught you). The training and instruction in this course is delivered by highly experienced and professional instructor with mountains of experience and skills. Prior to attending and completing the course I was very unaware of the kind of work EMS personnel did on a daily basis, so along with the training I received, I was educated and able to get a very small inside look of what these professionals do and made me appreciate them more so than before. This course is designed to pass but that doesn’t mean you cannot or will not fail, if you do not apply yourself. Simply put, you get what you put into it.
Richard Aucion, United States Border Patrol Agent